Labor Law Compliances

Labour Law Compliance

India has seen a huge development of business and economic growth in the recent times. Labour Law compliance in India is basically set of terms or conditions of employment. For carrying out business, corporations are required to meet statutory compliance requirements. There are many laws and acts that a firm is required to follow. If the corporation fails to comply with the regulations then it may lead towards punitive action from the concerned authorities. There are central laws, as well as there are state laws with which a business is required to comply with.

Labour Law compliance in India is primarily focused on safeguarding the protection of the rights of employees. It regulates companies, workers as well as trade unions through several compliances towards securing the rights of the workers and labour at large. However, labour law compliance in India are imposed by the State as well as the Central Government.  Abiding to Labor Law compliances is essential for every big and small company to keep their businesses safe and secured from any legal trouble.

Importance of labour compliance

The companies in India must carry out statutory compliance under various Labour Laws. The range of labour compliance is not restricted to filing returns and maintaining statutory deposits and records by means of the company. For any legal trial, these records shall be produced as evidence under various statues. Also, if the business or company in any case fails to make the industrial law compliance, there are strict penalties specified by the law.

Indian Labour Law contains various acts consisting of every possible aspect for the protection of labour rights. The application of the law relies on the type of firm. Also, there are many laws which are applicable to employer as well as employee respectively.

The concepts under Labour Law

Labour Law includes employee benefits as well as termination, the rules and regulations for workers, and so forth. There are many acts that are included in the labour Compliance rules. The major acts which are included in the lndustrial law compliance rule are:

  • Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions Services) Act, 1996
  • Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970, Equal Remuneration Act,1976
  • Minimum Wages Act, 1948 and Mines Act, 1952, Industrial Employment (Standing Order) Act 1946, etc.

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